A great launch of THIS FAMILY OF THINGS at Dubray Books!

Alison officially launched THIS FAMILY OF THINGS at Dubray Books in Dublin last night. Thanks to all at Doubleday Ireland and Dubray Books for making the night so brilliant!


Alison's new novel, This Family of Things will be published by Doubleday, Ireland on 8 June 2017.

On his way back up from the yard Bird had seen something white and round – a girl who had curled herself into a ball. Lifting her was like retrieving a ball of newspaper from out of the grass or an empty crisp bag that someone had flung over the ditch. She seemed to lack the bones and meat and muscle of real people. She felt as if she was filled with feathers.

On the day Midge Connors comes hurtling into Bird Keegan’s life, she flings open his small, quiet world. He and his two sisters, Olive and Margaret, have lived in the same isolated community all their lives, each one more alone than the others can know. 

Taking in damaged, sharp-edged Midge, Bird invites the scorn of his neighbours and siblings. And as they slowly mend each other, family bonds – and the tie of the land – begin to weigh down on their tentative relationship. Can it survive the misunderstandings, contempt and violence of others?

A poignant and powerful study of the emotional lives of three siblings and the girl who breaks through their solitude.

Alison and Donal Ryan at Birr Arts Week

On Friday, 8 August, Alison and Donal Ryan took part in a joint reading for Birr Arts Week. Great discussion about writing and books in a beautiful venue. There was a great turnout and thanks to everyone who organised.

Scenes from Alison's interview with Donal Ryan at Dalkey Book Festival

Here are some images of Alison being interviewed by Donal Ryan at the Dalkey Book Festival today. Thanks to all who made it possible, especially Donal for the great questions.