Little Beauty is Book of the Month at Clifden Bookshop

Little Beauty  has been picked as Book of the Month for August at the Clifden Bookshop:

This is a mesmeric tale set on an island off the West Coast of Ireland with beautiful writing portraying the fortitude of a lonely girl searching for acceptance and love. Laura Quinn makes a life-changing decision to leave her beloved Whale Island a few years after the death of her parents. She has survived the years since the suicide of her mother by harvesting seaweed to provide an income and at the same time embarking on a love affair with Martin, the Lighthouse Keeper. He is a strange broody individual with no apparent inclination to make a commitment to Laura. Eventually, dispirited and disillusioned, she decides to take up a position as housekeeper on the mainland with a wealthy couple, Finn and Audrey.
The story unfolds from this point with numerous life changing events. On her return to the Island, she faces a tightly knit community with the same complex mores and outlook pertinent to any parish in Ireland today.
This delightful story from Alison Jameson is written with humour and perception. The reader is enthralled from the start with this beguiling story, so beautifully written. It is compelling reading and a real page turner.